The Official AEAS School Prep. Course 2019

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Prepare your life and learning in Australia

Welcome to Australia!
Australia is a nation in which everyone can belong, participate and thrive in social, cultural, economic and civic life. In recent years, an increasing number of international students have been choosing to study in Australia because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system, and high standard of living.
“We teach real life skills not just how to answer test questions. Find your successful and smooth transition into life and learning in Australia.”
Established in 2012, Australian Institute of Language (AIL) is one of Australia’s most enduring providers of English language training and testing. AIL is not only a registered training organization, but an official IELTS test centre, a NAATI endorsed training provider, and AEAS official partner. Unlike other training providers, AIL has a clear goal in helping students improve English and quickly and smoothly adapt their future study life in Australia.

At AIL, we offer AEAS Test Preparation Course and AEAS School Preparation Course to assist those younger students who are under 16 to develop English language skills, adapt to cross-cultural communication, and be well-prepared for primary and secondary studies.

AIL applies the highest standards of care and is dedicated to meeting the very specific needs of our young students as they undertake a transition to study in Australia. I encourage you to join AIL where we can offer you all the assistance needed for learning and career success in Australia.

Course Overview

The AEAS School Preparation Course is designed to assist school students to prepare for and transition carefully to life and learning in a school in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, the USA and to international schools delivering curriculum from these countries. This unique course teaches students how to engage with and be an active participant in the learning process.

The Course focuses on building confidence in each student and supporting them to communicate in English in a range of learning and life situations. The course is taught by English native speaking qualified teachers or teachers with equivalent English language skills. The course, which has six modules and is 42 hours duration, strengthens English language skills tested in the AEAS Assessment.

Learning Objectives

• Improving students’ English language abilities, particularly in relation to having the confidence to communicate in English regardless of limited proficiency;
• Helping students conceptualise a realistic idea of what studying in an international school will be like;
• Preparing students (especially new on-board families) for English medium classrooms through an introduction to Western teaching and learning styles and assisting them to develop independent study and organisational skills;
• Developing students’ interpersonal skills which will allow them to successfully interact with their peers at school;
• Teaching students how to make the most of the opportunity by setting goals and taking a proactive approach to their studies;
• Giving students an introduction to the AEAS test and the testing format. To teach students the English language skills to adequately prepare for a test, without offering a ‘test preparation course’.

Course Structure

The focus of the course is to improve students’ English language skills in terms of six modules:
• Listening
• Reading
• Writing
• Speaking
• Vocabulary
• Review

2020 Intakes

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Leading Teacher

My name is Tim Clifford. I am a fully registered VIT teacher and this is my 44th year of teaching. I began teaching English in Victorian Government secondary schools in 1975. I have also taught in Victorian private schools. In 1992, The Victorian Government awarded me an International Teaching Fellowship for 'Excellence in Teaching'. This led me to teach internationally at IB schools in Germany, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. I was a school Principal in Vanuatu. I have taught students from KG to tertiary level and am a firm believer in Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.