Finding somewhere to live is probably one of your greatest concerns on arrival. AIL is pleased to assist you in locating accommodation but it is up to you to make the necessary arrangements and decisions. If you have recently arrived in Melbourne, we can provide advice when inspecting accommodation.

Moving In

Once you have found your accommodation, try and give as much notice as possible before checking out of your temporary accommodation. If there are two or three of you moving together call one of the taxi companies and ask for a station wagon to transport your luggage.

Public Transport

Victoria has a fantastic public transport network. We have Trains (Metro or V-Line), Trams (Yarra Trams or City Circle), and Buses.

Private Transport

It’s easy to drive or cycle in Melbourne as an international student. However, there are certain rules you need to obey in order to travel safely not just for you, but also for the community.
COVID-19 Updates
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